Legal Marketing Trends for Law Firms

Legal marketing is undoubtedly booming. And in addition, law firms must be more proactive in finding clients.

In an increasingly competitive legal industry, advances in technology and an ever-changing digital marketing landscape mean that law firms must adapt and innovate. If they don’t, they risk falling behind, while others move forward.

So how do you surf the wave? A good start is to learn about industry trends. Knowing them and following them up increases the chances of not becoming obsolete.

Visual content makes more impact

The visual content consists of photographs, graphics, and videos. A study shows how nearly half of Internet users have re-shared photos or videos.

The visual content is powerful, and there is no question about it. And more law firms will approach him over time. There are several examples of law firms that successfully use visual content.

Podcasts can be exploited by law firms

The growth of podcasts in recent years is very relevant. An astonishing 64% of people listen to podcasts through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There are law firms that are already taking advantage of this trend. We are likely to see this type of content begin to connect with more potential legal service clients as low-cost podcasting services increase.

Technologies and the digital legal marketing landscape are always changing. That’s not to mention the growing number of law firms out there. But by focusing on these top nine trends in legal marketing, you are sure to be able to identify opportunities for improvement that will help you stay “riding the wave.”