Marketing For Lawyers: Strategies to Boost Your Business

Whether you’re at the helm of a small law firm or a freelance, you’ve surely wondered what marketing strategies for lawyers might work best to give your business a boost. Although it is true that innovation in the legal sector is limited – a study by the Enterprise Research Center describes this sector as one of stability rather than change – it does not have to be this way when creating a marketing plan.

Make Google Adwords Your Ally

However, it should also be borne in mind that specializing in a particular service also involves risks – as you can imagine, the size of your market will be smaller, and the possibilities for growth more limited. Therefore, you should study in depth the potential of your niche and its long-term profitability before launching as a specialist.

Take Care Of The SEO Of Your Website And Create Valuable Content

While it is true that the changes that Google has introduced in recent years have impacted the performance of organic results – according to a study by the famous SEO platform Moz, the CTR of organic results has lost 25% of the share of Clicks on computers and 55% on mobile devices – users still keep clicking on these types of results, so the more presence you get in Google SERPs – whether organic or paid – the better.

Consult Your Clients Directly About The Service You Provide

You can start by sending your most loyal clients an email asking them, for example, what makes you stand out, that is, what you have done that they have not seen in any other law firm. Don’t settle for generic responses like “I’ve known you all my life,” or the like. Make sure to collect strong arguments, and once you have them, start evaluating how your service can be even better and, consequently, irreplaceable.

It is very important that you write a good questionnaire with the help of a professional in this area, to determine exactly the key aspects of your service that you can improve, and obviously, those that you can strengthen, remember that unexpected information, and do not add customer value, can be considered annoying and even counterproductive. The client has to know that his answers will give him a better result, remember: the protagonist should always be the client and not the lawyers of your firm.

Genuine Proactivity And Quality Of Service

Law firms nowadays have to be proactive towards the needs of your clients and have the solution to their problems before they arise. Those times of the classic Lawyer, who expected to be consulted by a client when he was in the middle of a legal problem, are already in the past.

Today the client expects to be shown, in a very genuine way, that they have them in mind and are seriously concerned with solving the cases presented to them, as soon as possible, and that they see you as more than a “problem solver.” an anticipator and support to avoid them.

There are many law firms that are already working like this, and it is very easy to find them on the Internet. Are you already doing this in your firm? Are you easy to find on the Internet, with these characteristics?

Perhaps at this point, something very interesting is revealed about the principles of Inbound Marketing, which we have been presenting as a possibility to improve the services of your law firm. The fact is that this model seems to transcend the world of advertising and marketing, and it looks like a trend of our times that perhaps has been permeating other service professions, including Lawyers, of course.