3 Important Tips During Jury Selection

In the United States of America, most cases are won or lost on the day of jury selection, because if either the defense or prosecution team make a mistake with the selection of the jury, their chances of winning during trial in open court are minimal.

Because the jury is made up of ordinary citizens, you must make sure that the panel you select is composed of individuals who are likely to be sympathetic to the case so that they are in a better position stay attentive and listen to the arguments being presented in front of court.

We are therefore going to share with you 3 important tips you should keep in mind during jury selection.   

Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the rules

The jury selection process is a constitutional process however the rules adhered to will always vary depending on the state as well as the court that is whether it’s a federal court or state court. The law permits lawyers to seek prior guidance from the court on how the jury selection process should be conducted so that they can be familiar with the rules and avoid any sanctions.

Select a jury that is sympathetic to the case

A significant number of jurors will only accept jury duty because the law obligates them to and therefore they’ll seldom pay much interest to the case. It’s therefore very important for lawyers to be able to learn how to pick such jurors from the pool and strike them from the case because they are likely to hinder the process of rendering proper judgment.

Ensure that you leave a lasting good impression

Jurors will always form opinions about the parties in the case depending on perception and not necessarily the arguments being made in court. It’s therefore a good idea for lawyers to ensure that they create and leave a good impression with the jurors and this starts during jury selection. You will find a much easier time being believed by the members of the jury if they like you.

Be sure to put these into practice and you are well on your way to winning the first battle during trial.   

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