Law – How to be More Persuasive in Court

Law as applicable in court is all about being able to make legal arguments with the intention of making the judge and/or jury rule in favor of your client whether they are on the defense or prosecution team. Therefore, in order for a lawyer to be able to convince the judge and/or jury to rule in their client’s favor, then they need to have really good persuasion skills.

We are going to share a couple of ideas with you on how to be more persuasive in court.

You must believe your own arguments

As a lawyer making an argument in open court, the only way you can be able to persuade others in the court to believe your argument is if you also believe in it. This is because people tend to project themselves on others therefore you are likely to be more confident when arguing your case if you believe your argument and the converse is also true.

Focus on convincing a few people

It’s always almost impossible to persuade an entire group of people because different people reason differently. The trick of persuasion in court therefore is to convince a few jurors with your argument so that they in turn will go make your argument when deliberating with the other jurors.

Provide sufficient information for decision making

When making an argument to persuade a jury, limit theatrics and irrelevant information and focus on using information that is concise, believable and sufficient to help the jury make an informed decision. They are more likely to rule in your favor because this makes you appear more truthful. 

Learn the art of priming

If you want the jury to rule in favor of your client then you need to learn the art of priming them so that they learn to associate your client with a positive response. For instance, if you are looking for a not guilty ruling from a jury, ensure that you use the words “innocent” and “not guilty” regularly when you make reference to your client and it will prime the jurors to start believing it too.

When you make proper use of these ideas in court, you are likely to register a long lasting winning streak. Be sure to try them out.   

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