About Lawyers Club

Are you a lawyer who has always struggled with finding a place where you can bounce off legal arguments, brainstorm legal issues as well as network with fellow lawyers? Your wish has just been answered as through the Lawyers Club website you will be able to do all this and much more.

Lawyers Club is a place for attorneys to talk about legal issues and make use of their combined brainpower to navigate various topical issues in the legal field as well as start and engage in legal discourse for the benefit of the entire legal profession.    

A little bit about me

I am Christopher Davis, Attorney at Law and I started this platform out of the realization that lawyers need to interact, brainstorm and share knowledge on various topical issues affecting them today. Because of our super busy schedules, we seldom find time to network with each other therefore a remedy for this is having an online platform accessible through our PC’s and other mobile devices.

I welcome you to join in and experience the tremendous value this platform has to offer.

Thank you.